Friday, October 2, 2009

This Week's Theme: Portraits

A true portrait should today and a hundred years from today, be the testimony of how this person looked and what kind of human being he was. – Philippe Halsman, borrowed from the great Steve McCurry's blog

Our mission this week was portraiture -- one of the most difficult types of photography to do well, and arguably the most compelling when sucessful.  How did we do?

The Eye, by Daniela B.

The Teach, by Gilbert S.

Day and Night, by Jocelyn M.

Volleyball, by Kelly S.

Brother, by Francisco V.

Sleeping, by Juliana D.

Bit of Mexico, by Jocelyn M.

Mom, by Maria G.

Gabby, by Bertha L.


Rose-Segrest said...

The composition in Day and Night is quite dynamic and makes for a great photo:)

Anonymous said...

Really dig this weeks theme & all the pictures are wonderful! You look quite teacherly Ms. Cisneros.

The way 'Brother' captures him mid-motion while the rest of the picture is serene is cool; I like the light foreground/dark background thing going on in 'Gabby' and I love everything about 'Bit of Mexico'

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