Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Week's Theme: Pattern and Repitition

The human eye likes patters.  When composed carefully, they can create really fascinating images.  This week, our endeavoring photographers took some great shots.  They're really proud of their work!

The Tree is Life, by Jocelyn M.

Crayolas, by Kelly S.

Box, by Martha G.

Stripes, by Gilbert S.

Purse, by Daniela B.

Faces and Fruit, by Bertha L.

Bertha L. also took a photo of a curtain in her room that I personally thought was really eye-catching.  We played with it a little as a class, and it turned out to be an edifying experiment in the impact of a crop.  Below is the picture cropped two different ways.  Although it's the same image and we changed nothing else about it (lighting, color balance, etc.), the two version have a very different effect.  In the first, your eye is drawn up and there's a sense of space.  In the second, you see more details and textures.  It's all thanks to the crop!



Comment away and encourage our artists with a little contructive feedback!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Week's Theme: The Rule of Thirds

The rule thirds is a compostional principal.  The human eye is attracted to images that are slightly off center, so if you draw an imaginary nine-block grid over an image, the focus should be more or less on one of the intersections of lines.  Many of our students' images this week did a great job using this rule to create interesting photos!
Doc's, by Gilbert S.
Bark!, by Kelly S.
Tick-Tock, by Bertha L.
Cats, by Francisco V.
Rain Drops, by Juliana D.
Petals, by Maria G.
Untitled, by Daniela B.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Test Post

No kids' work yet.  This is one of mine, just to experiment with the layout.

(Building cameras out of paper to learn the essential parts.)

Welcome to the Guadalupe Photoblog!

This year, GRMS introduced photography as an elective.  Each week, students learn a new photography concept or skill and have one week to apply it to their own photography.  The students choose their favorite photo each week to show to the class.  Those pictures will then be posted here.

We have creative, talented students here and we're excited to see what they come up with!